The Black List

Through firsthand experiences, these individuals have established themselves as an unreliable trader and / or seller. I have provided links to the transaction details available on Please note that the locations listed for each individual are according to the mailing address provided by them to me at the time the transaction was agreed upon.

Troy Warren

  • Location: Lake City, FL 32024-3629
  • TCC Username: prosportscards
  • Reason for Listing: Purchased 6 Kobe Bryant rookie cards. He claimed no receipt of payment. More than two months later he sent me a wrestling base card. Other TCC members have had similar experiences with this user.
  • Transaction Details: Click Here

B. David

  • Location: Greenwich, CT 6830
  • TCC Username: user3007
  • Reason for Listing: Numerous inconsistencies throughout transaction process.
  • Transaction Details: Click Here

Harry Nelsen

  • Location: Spencer, IA 51301
  • TCC Username: redbird8
  • Reason for Listing: Failure to communicate. Inability to complete trade.
  • Transaction Details: Click Here
  • Update: September 30, 2010 – I received a personal message from Harry a couple days ago stating that he still wanted to send my end regardless of our transaction being marked as failed back in August. I’m glad to say that I received my end today.

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