Into the MLB Vault: Greg Maddux

Sure as heck in the sixth inning he’s got a three-hit shutout going and he gets the first guy out and then he’s looking in the dugout. Bobby goes ‘Leo, Mad Dog is looking for you. Go out there and find out if he’s OK.’ I go running out there and he said, ‘How you doing coach?’ I said ‘Hey, Mad Dog.’ He said, ‘How do I look?’ I said, ‘You’re doing a great job. You’ve got a three-hit shutout.’ He says ‘OK, well it was nice talking to you. – Leo Mazzone (Pitching Coach; Atlanta Braves, 1979 – 2005)

Career Highlights & Accolades

8x All-Star Selection
1x World Series Champion
4x NL Cy Young Award Winner
18x Gold Glove Award Winner


One thought on “Into the MLB Vault: Greg Maddux

  1. jdrusnak

    1999 SP Signature Edition is still one of the greatest autograph sets ever. Great names, great design. These things are fun to collect and the bigger names are a real investment.


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