Into the MLB Vault: Chipper Jones

He is a switch hitter who is going to finish with a batting average of over .300 – over .300 left-handed and over .300 right-handed; that hardly ever happens. He has been a premier power hitter in the Major Leagues for the past two decades, but he has never had a 100 strikeout season; That hardly ever happens. And he will finish his career with more walks than strikeouts, and in today’s game, that hardly ever happens. The ultimate compliment that I can pay Chipper is this, of all the players I saw during my career, the one player I most wanted to see coming to the plate for the Braves when the game was on the line was #10, Chipper Jones. – Pete van Wieren (Atlanta Braves Broadcaster)

Chipper Jones: 1993 SP [BGS 9]

Chipper Jones

Career Highlights & Accolades

8x All-Star Selection
2x Silver Slugger Award Winner
1995 World Series Champion
1999 National League Most Valuable Player


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